Our Itinerary 

We will be travelling from the southern tip of South Africa to Tanzania’s famous Spice Island, Zanzibar on an epic Overland journey through Africa.

Starting in Cape Town, we head through remote deserts, rolling savannas and lush mountains; cruise delta waterways by canoe, pass by the massive Victoria Falls and test the size of our balls in ‘The Devils Pool’.

We plan to meet the locals in rural villages and even stay a few nights with some indigenous, nomadic tribes.

We have a few safaris through national parks in search of elephants, lions and hippos – even night time ones!!

Finally stopping to relax on pristine beaches and sample exotic cuisine, spices and traditional treats in Zanzibar on this all-encompassing African adventure.

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Some of the highlights…

  • Scramble to the top of one of the world’s highest sand dunes in Sesriem


  • Visit the seal colonies of Cape Cross near Spitzkoppe
  • Spot exotic wildlife on a full days game drive through Etosha National Park


  • Glide down Botswana’s Okavango Delta on a makoro – traditional canoe
  • Feel the power of mighty Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe viewpoint – and test our courage in the ‘Devils pool’


  • Explore the bustling city of Harare
  • Chill out, snorkel and swim with dolphins and turtles on the northern beaches of Zanzibar, enjoying the white sand and sparkling blue sea of the Indian Ocean before heading inland for spice tours and a week long stay in the beautiful, old city of Stone Town Zanzibar


Prepping and planning – 12 weeks till our big adventure

Thinking back to our last trip to Eastern Africa, I tried to recall any good or bad decisions I had made in order to better prepare for this trip. Overpacking was a major issue last time as we were really unsure what to expect. This time round, I think we know a bit better. 

The nights in Africa get really cold and last time we went, we borrowed sleeping bags from Jamie’s parents- this time we thought it best to get our own as we don’t want to ruin other people’s stuff. We were lucky enough to find a really great pair of Kathmandu sleeping bags on Trademe. We tested them out last week… they got the cats stamp of approval.

Last night Moodle and I got out the atlas and began to Map our big adventure. As we dotted on the map our camps for each night, we then googled that place and it’s surrounding areas. I was so excited looking at all the amazing pictures and reading about other people’s travels, then it dawned on me… we are SO not ready!!

We quickly wrote a ‘to do’ list and I’m slowly working my way through it. Tonight we booked our amazing accommodation in Zanzibar – Forodhani House and arranged travel insurance (which was crazy expensive!!)

Jamie and I have had most of the required vaccinations and are now just putting money aside for our Typhoid and Rabies shots- these are due two weeks before our departure. Let’s the savings continue…

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